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How UK Businesses Can Benefit from a Weak Pound

The pound continues to plummet in the shadow of Brexit....

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Managing the Cash Flow During Growth Periods

When it comes to business, growth is the ultimate prize....

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5 Top Business Tips for Your Tech Platform

Tech platforms carry the potential for significant success....

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Six Simple Steps for Establishing Your Own Business

Starting a business is an exciting time filled with important considerations...

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How Businesses Can Increase Cash Flow and Profitability

The ultimate goal of a business owner is often to spread an innovative idea ....

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Straight Talking Accountant – The Golden Rules of Business Success

One of the most important factors in achieving business success is to keep...

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Six technologies every business owner should be using

As a business owner, it’s important to take advantage of every possible resource...

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How Using FinTech Can Help Your Business to Succeed

The world of finance and accounting has been transformed...

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Straight Talking Accountant – The Essentials of Putting Together a Business Plan

Putting together a business plan can be a daunting and complex task...

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Making Tax Digital – Understanding HMRC’s New Tax Scheme

From 2018 HMRC will begin introducing its new tax scheme – Making Tax...

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5 Small Business Finance Tips Entrepreneurs Need to Know

As experienced accountants in Watford, Dua & Co know a thing or two about finance...

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Tax Competition: A Guide for High Growth Businesses

Increased competition between countries to attract businesses is resulting...

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Straight Talking Accountant – How a Trusted Advisor Can be Your Guide to a Successful Business

If you’re a small business, you mightthink that retaining an accountant...

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Time-Saving Tips to Increase Your Business’s Efficiency [Infographic]

Efficiency is one of the key factors in ensuring business successs, but it is still...

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The EIS: A Win-Win for Investors and Small Businesses

Tax is a necessary evil. However, it’s what keeps our most cherished infrastructure...

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Understanding Your Tax Liability as a Successful Business

Tax is a necessary evil. However, it’s what keeps our most cherished infrastructure...

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The Flat Rate Scheme – Explaining the VAT Changes

There will be new changes to the VAT Flat Rate Scheme starting from April 2017...

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How Hiring an Accountant Can Help Your SME

Many small businesses are reluctant to retain an accountant throughout the year,...

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Are you using all of the tax breaks you could be? [Infographic]

Every year UK taxpayers waste £4.6 billion by paying more tax than they owe...

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Missed the Tax Return Deadline? Here’s What Could Happen

Missing the tax return deadline is stressful for anyone - but just what....

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How to Stay On Top of Your Accounts Throughout 2017

As the tax return deadline looms, you may be planning on keeping better....

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Preparing Your Tax Returns as an Investor

Completing a tax return can be especially complicated for investors, ....

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Everything Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Self-Assessment

If you're an entrepreneur, finding the time to sort out your tax return ....

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Our Simple Guide to Doing Your Self-Assessment [Infographic]

As it gets closer and closer to the January tax deadline, completing your ....

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Do You Need to Complete A Self-Assessment Tax Return?

The deadline for completing your tax return is the end of January - but most of us don't ....

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Developing Properties; Things You Should Know Before You Start Out

Becoming a property developer is often seen as a quick way to make a fast buck,...

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How to End 2016 on a Financial High Note

No one wants to spend their Christmas sorting out their financial affairs...

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Need Probate Help?

Losing a loved one is one of life’s most painful, yet inevitable experiences – and on top of...

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Competitive Disruption; How Your Accountant Can Help Protect You

No business, no matter how forward-thinking or well established,...

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Benchmarking as a Tool

If you’re not benchmarking, you’re falling behind – and here’s why.

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The Crackdown Begins; Government Policies on Tax Avoidance

With Theresa May making good on her vow to crack down on tax avoidance and evasion...

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Amendments to Capital Gains Tax Relief: What You Need to Know

If you’re a company shareholder or director, you’re probably already aware of the...

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The Bank of Mum and Dad – Helping Your Children Buy a Home

Despite falling house prices and countless government promises, it is harder...

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Money on My Mind: Why You Need to Start Saving, Yesterday

Whether you’re a young person just starting out in the world of work...

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Help to Buy or Buy to Bust? How the New Government Scheme Could Cost You

The right to shelter has been a UN-sanctioned human right since 1948, but in...

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Gain Interest, Don’t Pay It: Savings Accounts That Give You Something Back

High interest current accounts, ISA’s, tax free personal allowances, fixed vs variable...

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‘Frugal Innovation’ – Why Cheaper, Simpler Products Are Ideal for Emerging Markets

Think “innovation” in the West, and most likely, you’ll be thinking of groundbreaking...

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Buddy Up: How Local Businesses Can Aid Your Overseas Expansion

Going global is an immensely exciting time for any business – you’ve had an idea and seen...

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Going Global Made Simple: Your Easy Guide

You might think going global is just for domestic megabrands, but it’s not. Many SMEs...

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Money Can’t Buy You Love: The Trump Effect

Donald Trump has made much of the fact that he’s been self-financing his presidential...

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Flat Rate Scheme – explaining the VAT changes

Normally a business deducts the VAT on its inputs (what they buy) from the VAT charged on what they sell (outputs).

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2016 Year End Strategy Guide

Sound financial planning is always advisable, but as we enter as a period of economics...

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