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As the range and scale of business transactions become wider and more varied, accountancy is becoming increasingly complex and time consuming. As the time for annual reports draws closer, it can become a huge burden on your time and energy. We understand what you want from your accountancy services: clear, detailed and accurate reports and information; intelligent, insightful explanations of your results and a supportive, open service which is tailored to meet your needs.

Whether for HMRC or the management team, we provide you with high quality accounting services, along with a detailed explanation and interpretation of the reports we supply. We don’t just handle numbers: we work with you to identify what your accounts actually say about your business. We can help you understand the KPI’s for assessing your business’s situation.

From reports on transactions, management accounts, audits, end-of-year accounts and reconciliations to producing financial statements, dealing with complex business transactions and legal and tax obligations, our comprehensive package of accounting services takes care of all your business’s financial needs.

Outsourced Accounting

It’s absolutely crucial for the success of your business that you know exactly where you stand, financially – yet few entrepreneurs go into business planning to spend their energies wading through figures. Dua & Co.’s team of experts can relieve you of the burden of extensive reporting by providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your financial standing, accurate reports about your prior financial performance and reliable forecast figures. We take care of all your management and business reports for you, reliably, punctually, and accurately, saving you the expense of a full-time Financial Director, yet providing all the same data. Our key services include:

Processing of your financial transactions:

Including sales & supplier invoices, payroll expenses, and bank reconciliation

Production of management accounts:

Preparation of your monthly and annual accounts for your business, based on all your processed transactions and data

Executive interpretation of your accounts:

We will explain what your accounts mean and help you make sound business decisions based on the information they produce, including trends in sales and cost of sales.

Profit & loss analysis:

We will supply straightforward profit and loss information, so that you can predict potential problems before they occur or plan for expansion.

Management reports:

Whatever analysis you require, we can extract it from your figures and provide it to you in an easy-to-follow format.

Director-level input to your board meetings:

We can attend your board meetings to provide further insight, interpretation or business advice to help make key decisions for your company’s future.


Specialist sectors & audits

Property - from structuring deals, financing, SPV's, specialist third party services, VAT, joint ventures, taxation effects, service charges and property management

Property accounting services
Doctors, dentists and healthcare professionals
Technology start-ups and high growth companies
International expansion

We have a detailed understanding of the particular requirements of these different industries. Medical & dentistry professionals are typically overwhelmed with paperwork and struggling to keep up with the shifting demands of the NHS – we can help with everything from partnership agreements, raising finance, completion of superannuation certificates and NHS pension benefits advice to the formation of limited companies and the preparation of annual drawings projections

Property, on the other hand, comes with its own set of challenges – subject to forever changing tax legislation and complex lending deals, it’s essential to receive the best and most current advice in order to maximise your profits. Whether you’re developing, buying, selling or creating a joint property portfolio, we can help you make the best use of current tax allowances and breaks and offer our expert advice on everything from tax liability to contingency planning.

Software development is fraught with its own set of demands – from raising funding, IP protection and current market surveillance to considering the best route-to-market. Dua & Co. provides an outstanding software development accounting service for IT & ht-tech companies: whether you’re developing new products or taking existing products to the next level, we can help with everything from identifying grant funding, helping with trademarks and IP protection, market analysis and pricing policies, to tax credits and contingency planning. If you work in a specialist industry, Dua & Co. has the expertise necessary to meet the demands of your business. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help.


If you’re considering acquiring a company or its assets, performing comprehensive due diligence checks are essential for ensuring that all financial, operational and strategic assumptions you or your business have made are validated. Dua & Co.’s thorough due diligence services provide a bespoke approach to evaluating a target company or its assets which is tailored to the needs of your business. Evaluating all elements of the deal, associated risks and what the effect on your business will be post transaction are needed to ensure a successful deal. Our experience, knowledge and working as part of the team with all parties is a crucial part of the process.

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As a business, we have been clear in our commitment to Diversity and Inclusiveness. An important part of this is understanding the 'mix' of our people and measuring progress towards the goals that we have set ourselves. We can share our approach to employee monitoring, together with some statistics showing the make-up of our business. Click here to view the results of our annual probate diversity survey